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Useful Atom Packages

As a developer you always have to adjust and use IDE's that will help you be more productive, as for me, i'm a netbeans junkie, been..

Openshift Ghost's URL config

So after hosting my blog on Openshift, I started looking around so I can change the url's from to, and it's..

problems with Bootstrap's img-responsive class

A few days ago I decided to redesign my blog and portfolio, put it all together under the same roof (Ghost), for those who don't know..

Complete makeover

So after 15 months, I decided to give my website a complete make over, and bring it to life, putting in one place my portfolio and..

Digital Nomad : Evolution or Revolution ?

As the new era beggings, the need for change has become a must, we see this in every aspect of our lives, but mainly, in the..

Java vs Python

Año nuevo analisis nuevo, en esta ocasion les presento una comparacion muy buena entre dos de los lenguaje de programacion muy conocidos por todos JAVA y..