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Phanor Coll
  • Name: Phanor Coll
  • Address: Merida, Venezuela
  • What do I know:
    Im a web developer from Merida, Venezuela with more than 15 years of experience. I've worked and developed many type of systems with different types of technologies, PHP(ZF2, Symfony2, pure PHP, Apache, wordpress), Java(JEE, Jboss Forge, Jboss AS7, Wildfly), plenty of experience with ORM like Hibernate and Doctrine.
    In the past couple of years I became a HUGE!!! fan of Neo4j, a graph database, i've been using it a lot, for personal projects. production apps, or just for fun!!, I kind of became a Neo4j Advocate in Latin America, spreading the love for graphs every where I go, even in IT events where I usually talk some way or another about this awesome graph database. I collaborated in a book called "Neo4j Cook Book".
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Just my awesome skills

In the 15 years of experience working as a back end and front end developer, I've come to harnest a few set of tools, each of them for a specific purpose working as individuals and some times combining them to create awesome results. Each day i'm learning a new tool so this list will keep on growing. I love to read, love to learn so I can't wait to see what I'll be adding in the future.

4 years
MongoDB1 years
5 years
Bootstrap3 years
Laravel51 years
3 years
NodeJs1 years
AngularJs1 years
Photoshop8 years
Ghost theme
2 years
Go-1 year

Language skills

Being from Latin America my native language is Spanish, but I had the luck to have lived in New Jersey for 3.5 years and I had the priviledge of learning what I consider the most valuable tool in my job, English, and although it's not perfect, i'm able to communicate very efficiently during a conference call or just writing a doc.

Spanish Native
English Advanced


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