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Complete makeover

So after 15 months, I decided to give my website a complete make over, and bring it to life, putting in one place my portfolio and thoughts, and of course the new features of ghost helped me with that.

This was the old theme

After a while working with Ghost (which I consider to be just awesome) I decided to take a look under the hood and understand what made it click, a few questions came to my head, but the main one was How can a redesign my site, keeping the power of ghost but still having the liberty to create something new??. After a couples of days of research on theme design plus a couples of days of photoshop, html, css and bootstrap, I started my personal project, keeping it fresh.

So after diving in to a sea of code styles and at some points, frustration, I came up with this

But I also needed a place to show off my skills, portfolio, and maybe talk a little bit about myself, something a little bit different, so I started working on the About Me section, once again I got a little bit frustrated again, trying to come up with a way to show up my tool set, work, etc. After doing some research(since im not a professional designer, sometimes it's hard to get started), getting inspiration from everywhere I could, I came up with this.

I've seen some awesome designs, but since i'm more of a backend developer, I think I did a pretty cool job with this, also, I took the opportunity to learn more about javascript animations, Ghost theme design and development.

I think I'll be updating my theme in a couple of months just for the fun of it, if I have the time, of course.